What is ChurchSoft.org?

ChurchSoft.org is a web application that can be used absolutely free of charge by any church that would like to use a simple web interface to manage members, donations, newsletters, and communication.  No software is required.  All churches need is an internet connection and a computer, smart phone, tablet – anything works!  Since ChurchSoft.org is web based, the church staff can access all of this information from anywhere.


  • Membership management
  • Family relationships between members
  • Donations / Finance Tracking
  • Donor Management and Donation system – members can donate use credit card or ACH
  • Groups – can be used for tracking Bible study groups, committees, etc.
  • Attendance tracking / Delinquent membership reports
  • Mailing labels
  • Newsletters
  • Bulletins
  • Power Point / Presentation management
  • Unlimited number of administrative users
  • WiFi and network support for your church

FREE?  What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  I wrote this system while my wife was the church secretary and I was the finance secretary at our church, and continue to maintain and update it as requested by churches using the system.  I feel it is my calling to bring this product to churches, particularly smaller ones with tight budgets and limited resources, though the system will work perfectly with large churches.

About the Developer

My name is Dave Stahr, and I live in rural Nebraska.  I have owned and operated Virtual Impressions since 1997.  I am married to my lovely wife, Heather, and we have two boys, Cole and Ian.  I enjoy spending time with my family, learning about new technology, playing volleyball, and golfing.  I spend my time during business hours supporting a small core group of customers, handling their programming, networking and other IT needs.  If you would, feel free to check out my other products:

  • CampSoft.org (free camp management software)
  • Contact My Group  (simple web application to manage groups of people and communicate with them)
  • MyWWWs  (online bookmark, username, and password storage)
  • SmartRouter  (great cloud-managed router for home and business use)
  • Audition.ZONE (Online audition and adjudication system